Food Fun and Facts 1800's Recipe for Quince Preserves

What to do with Quince?
How to make Quince Preserves

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Recipe for Preserved Quince from an 1859 Cookbook

Choose very ripe quinces which are yellow and quite sound. Pare, quarter and core them. Put them into a little water and scald. As soon as they are soft, throw into cold water and put them to drain. Clarify and boil an equal weight of sugar. Put in the fruit, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from fire, skim and pour the preserves into a pan. In two days, drain off the syrup, then boil it. Add the fruit and give the whole one boil, covered. Let it cool a little, and then simmer for 15 minutes. Leave it till the next day, and proceed as above, but boil the syrup. As soon as the preserve is cooled put it into pots, adding to each a little quince jelly

As stated this is from a cookbook printed in 1859.
It was assumed back then that everyone knew the procedures of putting up preserves!

Use modern day
SAFETY Canning Procedures.

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